Business Cycle explained with Expansion, Recession, Depression and Recovery

Business Cycle Curve Graph

A business cycle, also known as an ‘economic cycle’ or ‘trade cycle’ is the alternate expansion and contraction in overall business activities over time in an economy. It is the rise and fall of economic activities in a cyclic manner characterized by four phases; Expansion (Boom), Contraction (Recession), Depression and Recovery. Expansion In this phase … Read more

What is the sole driving force behind all the exogenic processes?

Insolation is the sole driving force behind all the exogenic processes. Solar radiation received in the atmosphere or the surface of the earth is known as insolation that we also call sunlight or solar energy. The gravitational force also affects the exogenic processes resulting in angular displacement or slippage due to molecular stresses. The very … Read more

How is the rate of plate movement determined?

Rate of Plate Movement

The rate of plate movement is determined through the strips of the normal and reverse magnetic fields that parallel the mid-oceanic ridges. According to the theory of Plate Tectonics, the earth’s lithosphere is divided into seven major and some minor plates. And these plates have been constantly moving over the globe throughout the history of … Read more

How was the layered structure of the Earth developed?

Layered Structure of the Earth

The layered structure of the Earth was developed through the process of differentiation of the earth-forming materials. The earth was initially a barren, rocky and hot object mostly in a volatile state during its primordial stage. Due to a gradual increase in density, the temperature inside has increased. As s result, the material inside started … Read more

Plate Tectonic Theory UPSC Geography Notes

Plate Tectonic Theory

A tectonic plate is a massive, irregularly-shaped slab of solid rock usually composed of both continental and oceanic lithosphere. Every continent is a part of a plate, and many experts have proposed that these continental plates keep moving resulting in the movement of the continents. This is what frames the theory of plate tectonics. Plate … Read more

Why is UPSC Exam so tough? How to Crack Civil Services Exam?

Why UPSC is so tough

The Civil Services Examination (CSE) conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is considered one of the toughest competitive exams. Let’s try to find out, why is the UPSC exam so tough and how can you crack it? Why is UPSC Exam so tough? UPSC CSE seems to be the toughest exam because of its … Read more

IAS Preetam Kumar UPSC Booklist, Optional, Marksheet, Education, Biography (AIR 9)

IAS Preetam Kumar UPSC Booklist

Preetam Kumar has secured All India Rank 9 in the UPSC Civil Services Examination 2021 on his 3rd attempt. This is the third time he went to the interview stage, but couldn’t qualify for this toughest exam in his earlier two attempts. So what led now to get success on this attempt, let’s see IAS … Read more

IAS Anshu Priya Biography, UPSC Booklist, Optional, Marksheet, Education (AIR 16)

IAS Anshu Priya UPSC Booklist and Biography

Dr. Anshu Priya has secured All India Rank 16 in the UPSC Civil Services Examination 2021 on her 3rd attempt. She is an MBBS graduate, and how did she prepare for the IAS exam and how she got success is really an inspiration. Let’s see Anshu Priya UPSC Booklist, Optional, Marksheet, Education, Life Journey and … Read more