Highest Marks in UPSC Interview 2021 (206 Marks) Ashutosh Kumar and Kiran PB

UPSC has recently released the final result of the Civil Services Examination 2021, and Shruti Sharma has secured All India Rank 1 but she hasn’t scored the highest marks in the UPSC interview, also known as the personality test. Let’s see who has achieved the highest marks in the interview of UPSC CSE 2021.

Highest Marks in UPSC Interview (206 Marks)

NameInterview MarksRank
Ashutosh Kumar20677
Kiran P B206100
S Sivanandham20587
Anshu Priya20416
Pranjal Srivastava204299
Preetam Kumar2019
Dilip K Kainikkara20121
Bokka Chaitanya Reddy201161
Simran Bhardwaj201172
Prathyush Sarasa201183
Saurya Man Patel201281
Awate Amol Shantaram201678
S Shivaraman200363
13 Students have scored 200+ marks in UPSC CSE Interview 2021

Ashutosh Kumar (AIR 77) and Kiran PB (AIR 100) have scored the highest marks in the interview of UPSC CSE 2021 which is 206 marks. And only 13 candidates have scored 200+ marks in the interview out of 685 candidates in total recommended for the different civil services.

Shruti Sharma who is AIR 1 in UPSC CSE 2021 doesn’t even come under the top 100 highest scoring candidates on Personality Test. She got 173 marks in the interview, making her the 279th candidate according to the marks scored by other students in the interview.

Highest Marks in UPSC Main Written Exam

Written Exam MarksNameRank
932Shruti Sharma1
879Yaksh Chaudhary6
871Ankita Agarwal2
871Utkarsh Dwivedi5
863Yasharth Shekhar12
862Ishita Rathi8
860Aishwarya Verma4
860Abhinav J Jain14
858Gamini Singla3
858Arpit Chauhan20

Shruti Sharma has scored the highest marks in UPSC CSE (Main) written exam, and she is way ahead of the second-highest scorer giving her an edge to become the topper. Answer writing practice is the key to getting good marks in the main exam, and all the highest-scoring candidates have managed to learn the art of answer writing very well.

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