What is Black Feminism? Origin and Development

The Black Feminist Movement was born out of and in response to the Women’s Movement and the Black Liberation Movement. The black women felt racially oppressed as they could not find a place in the Women’s protests and were oppressed in the Black liberation movement due to their gender.

What is Black Feminism?

Black feminism is a philosophy that centres on the idea that black women are inherently valuable and their liberation is a necessity.

The ideology behind it was to develop a way that could appropriately cater to the needs of black women and address the ways in which race, class and gender were inter-connected in their lives.

Origin and Development of Black Feminism

Black women have been excluded from mainstream feminist movements because of their race, while simultaneously being excluded from the Black liberation movements because of their gender.

Black feminism highlights and engages with the many aspects of identity that women have, which was significant because it gave them the opportunity to talk about being along with gender equality.

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