What is Ecofeminism? Principles and Importance of Ecological Feminism

Ecofeminism links ecology with feminism. Ecofeminists argue that there is a connection between women and nature that comes from their shared history of oppression by a male-dominated, patriarchal society.

What is Ecofeminism?

Ecofeminism is a philosophical and political theory that combines ecological concerns with feminist ones, regarding both as resulting from male domination of society.

Be it the oppression of women or be it the degradation of nature, ecofeminist believe that both arose as a result of patriarchal dominance. And ecofeminism emphasizes on the same that both women and nature must be respected.

Importance of Ecofeminism

  • Ecofeminism sees climate change, gender equality and social justice more broadly as intrinsically related issues, all tied to masculine dominance in society.
  • The patriarchal system, where men own and control the land, is seen as responsible for the oppression of women and the destruction of the natural environment.
  • Ecofeminists emphasize that both women and nature must be respected and for that, the age-old interpretations about women must be stopped.
  • And the idea of ecofeminism can really help in changing how men dominate women and humans dominate nature.

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