Why is the surface of the earth uneven?

The surface of the Earth is uneven because of endogenic and exogenic forces. The earth’s crust is dynamic. You all know that it has moved and moves vertically and horizontally. Of course, it moved a bit faster in the past than the rate at which it is moving now.

The differences in the internal (endogenic) forces operating within the earth which built up the crust have been responsible for the variations in the outer surface of the crust.

The earth’s surface is continuously subjected to external (exogenic) forces induced basically by the energy of sunlight.

Endogenic forces continuously elevate or build up parts of the earth’s surface and hence the exogenic processes (wearing down) fail to even out the relief variations of the surface of the earth.

And this is why the surface of the earth is uneven. This unevenness exists due to the differences in the type and structure of earth materials, differences in geomorphic processes and in their rates of operation.

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