Salary of IAS Officers during Training at LBSNAA: IAS Officers Trainee Salary Per Month

Many people who aspire to become an IAS tell others that they are passionate about civil services because they want to serve society. This may be a genuine reason for many of the civil services aspirants but that doesn’t mean people are not looking at the salary they would get if selected as an IAS officer.

Money is the biggest motivation humans have, and civil service is also not untouched by it. Many aspirants want to know exactly how much salary IAS officers get during the training period so that they can make a decision to get into civil services or should they not.

Do IAS Trainees Get Paid in Training Period?

Yes, IAS trainees do get paid during the training period at LBSNAA. Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) is India’s civil service training institute where officer trainees learn about public policy and public administration.

The facilities in LBSNAA are top-notch. You get well-equipped classrooms, high-profile lectures, Gandhi Smriti Library with 1.65 lakh books, officers mess, gym and sports complex, and many other facilities.

And the salary IAS officers get at LBSNAA is not actually a salary, instead, it is given as a stipend. There are many types of costs included in training an officer, and some of them are deducted from the salary you would get and then the remaining is provided to you as a stipend.

Salary of IAS Officers during Training in LBSNAA

The total salary of an IAS trainee at LBSNAA is Rs. 56,100 as per the 7th Pay Commission. But, it’s not paid as a salary, instead, as a stipend after deducting mess and room charges, and all other miscellaneous charges and fees. And after all deductions, they get a stipend of Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 40,000 paid every month.

After the training period, the basic salary of IAS officers is Rs. 56,100 with the addition of several allowances they get, like Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA) and Transport Allowance (TA). And there will be increments in the salary with years and promotions.

Should You Aspire to Become an IAS Officer?

The conclusion of this post is very clear, you’ll definitely get paid a handsome salary. But should you become an IAS officer, should you compare the salary with a private job or a business, it depends on what you think of civil services and bureaucracy.

Civil service is very different from a regular job, and it’s incomparable. It has its own purpose, its own pros and cons. If you think you should get into civil services, the reason may be anything, then do work hard for that but don’t include the money factor in your decision. Thanks!

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